Preparing Your Home for the Spring

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Spring home preparation goes beyond just making your house look good for continued occupancy. Instead, take advantage of this perfect weather to prepare and make sure that the rest of the seasons go wonderfully well. You will be surprised at how the things you do for spring can save you tons of money when summer and winter come knocking back again. That being said, following are some tips on how to prepare your home.

HVAC System
This stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – all of which are terribly important come spring time. Make sure that your HVAC unit is running well with clean air filters to keep those allergens out. Buy as many air filters as you can since there is a good chance you will be replacing that several times through the months.

Roof Check and Repair
Thanks to the beautiful weather, having your roof checked and repaired as the seasons change would be easy. Make sure all your shingles are in perfect order with no leaks where heat and water can pass through. Don’t forget the gutter! These could be clogged, making it hard for water to pass through. Gutter cleaning can be done personally or you can hire a professional for the tough parts.

Water Restoration
The cold weather could have done minor damages in your water pipes. They may be minor now – but they would definitely be a major problem once temperature approaches freezing again. Spring is the perfect time to have those pipes checked and repaired. You will find that doing so now prevents any costly repairs in the future. Structural drying, dehumidification, and sewage cleanup should all be part of your must be done list.

Window Upgrade
At night, you don’t want warm air leaking into your home and making it harder to sleep. Check your windows to make sure that the glass have no cracks and the linings are intact. If you find any, this is an easy fix – just buy sealants or silicone caulking to keep the linings intact.

Mold Remediation
Few people are aware of just how hazardous molds can be. After winter, you want to make sure that your home doesn’t harbor any molds that can pass through the air and make your whole family sick! If it’s just a small patch, cleaning it might not be a problem – however, there are some molds that can be quite hazardous and therefore requires some professional intervention. Typically, molds grow in places that have been exposed to moist for 24 to 48 hours so the bathroom, basement, and the kitchen sink are all places to check!

Get CFL Bulbs!
Not all homeowners realize just how much impact CFL can be for your spring home. Not only do these bulbs burn less energy – allowing you to save on the power bill – but they also give off less heat! This means that you don’t have to worry about the house feeling like a furnace. Also note that during spring, it is usually best to do your heat-intensive cooking outside so that the indoors remain cool and comfortable.

A full home check, repair, and spring home preparation do not have to be expensive! Although you can handle some odds and ends of the job, having experts do the important work is still important. Look for companies affiliated with your insurance provider so you won’t have to worry about large fees. Do this today and you will be able to enjoy spring at its fullest!