El Nino is Coming: Recover from Storm Damage

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If current forecasts are anything to go by, the El Nino is back. It has been predicted that the winter will be wetter in California and other parts of the country. With such predictions, it is important to take precautionary measures and take in to consideration some of the damages that might occur in case of a storm. It helps to fortify and protect the property and all items to the best of the homeowner’s ability. Sometimes however, damages still occur even after taking all measures to prevent them.

Where damages occur it is important to consider storm damage restoration as fast as possible in order to salvage properties and everything therein. This however is a process that should be done right to prevent further losses both in the short term and in the long run.

Here are some steps that make restoration after a storm smooth and stress free for property owners

1. Document the Extent of Damage
This should be the first step towards restoration. Documentation in this case is best done using photos that can show clearly what has been affected by the storm. Interior and exterior photos taken from different angles will provide a clear picture of the extent of damage. This will come in handy when it comes to filling an insurance claim.

2. Contact the Home Insurer
Most properties are covered against such damages by different insurer. One therefore needs to contact their insurer and state the extent of damage. The photos taken immediately after the damage should also be forwarded to the insurer to support the claim.

In order to make a claim, one needs to have an estimate of the total cost of repairs required. Obtaining quotes from reliable service providers will give a rough idea on the costs that will be incurred to take care of the damages.

3. Secure Your Property
This step can be taken before contacting an insurer or right after depending on the prevailing circumstances. The goal here is to protect all items affected in one way or another from further damage either by the storm or other harsh weather conditions.

In some cases, the security of a property can be compromised by the damages, for example where a wall is brought down by the storm. All items in such a house are in danger of being stolen especially if the owners are to move to a safer place as their house is being repaired. It is important to secure such items by transporting them to another place where they are not exposed to thieves. Where the damages affect the room, the floors and the rest of the interior can be secured by covering with tarpaulin or plastic sheets.

4. Repair Damages
This is the most important step where restoration is involved. It therefore requires time and careful consideration to ensure that it is done right. Where damages are minimal, individuals can repair the damages as quickly as possible. With extensive damages however, a licensed contractor is required to the repairs.

Choosing the right contractor can be an uphill task considering the many options available. Property owners need to consider previous work, experience and company insurance before engaging a company to repair the damages. Where possible, this can be done in advance so as to make things easier when it comes to dealing with the damages once they occur.

With extensive damages home owners might need to find another place to stay while their house is being repaired. It is important to consider a place that is as near as possible to the house as this will make supervision during repairs easier for the homeowner.

5. Replace Damaged Items
Not all damaged items can be repaired especially where damages are extensive. Some items for example electronics, carpets and other decor items can only be replaced after extensive damages. Whatever the item being replaced, it is important to keep all receipts issued after purchase for insurance claim purposes. It helps to go a step further, make a copy of the receipts and forward the same to the insurer. This will ease and speed up the insurance claim process.

The five steps for storm damage restoration covers what can be done in an ideal situation. The fact, however, is that it is hard to predict the outcome where such calamities like storms are involved. It therefore helps to be prepared for anything and heed any advice given by the relevant authorities dealing with such situations.