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Winter Preparation in Southern California

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Water damage prevention may be the last thing from many homeowners’ minds, but you’ll find that considering this before you move or build can save you thousands in the future. Homes within Northern California or the San Bernardino mountains are often exposed to buckets and rain and snow through the year, making it specifically important for them to arm against the possibility.

What You Can Do
Water damage prevention is possible, but only if you act quickly and address the places that need help. Following are some of the things that can be done:

Pest Damage – damage from rats, termites, and various other pests can cause moisture exposure, slowly but surely damaging the wood. Make sure that all these cracks and dents are covered before snow starts.

Clear Drainage – sometimes, water damage can be prevented by something as simple as keeping the gutters clean. Clogged pipes and drains can cause water to stay in one place for a long time, sometimes spilling to parts that shouldn’t become wet. Make sure your pipes are checked on a routine basis, the gutter cleaned, and the drain cleared of any debris.

Water Bill – pay close attention to your monthly water bill. If it suddenly went up with no apparent explanation, there’s a good chance that you have a leak somewhere. Use the gate valves to determine exactly where the leak happens to be and fix it immediately.

Roof Repair – the roof is one of the most common places where water passes through. Make sure all the shingles are placed tightly together and have replacements done if necessary. Typically, leaks occur in the attic and plumbing vents, but it’s best to cover all concerns as soon as possible.

Appliance Connections – washing machine hoses and various other connections transporting water should be replaced at least once a year. Check to see any leakage or mold growth – this is a sure sign that moisture is somehow escaping from the hose.

Peeling Paint – you’ll often find this near the windows and doors, indicating that water is somehow reaching this part of the house. Swelling is also indicative of moisture.

Finding Damage Restoration Specialists
If water causes damage to your home – it’s not too late yet. There are companies offering water damage restoration that you can turn to for help. Not only are they capable of repairing the damage caused, but they can also prevent further occurrences of the same. Have your house checked out now and prevent further damage from developing.

Fire And Water Damage Restoration – What You Need To Know

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When your home or business has been damaged by fire or flooding you need to call for expert help immediately. It may never happen, but it is a good idea to note the name of a specialist company and keep it in your phone book so that it’s at hand if ever the worst occurs.

If you have water damage, its possible that the cause of the trouble is ongoing, even if you can’t locate it immediately, in which case you need expert help to locate and turn off the source. If you have fire damage, you not only have the immediate damage caused by that, but you have a water problem because of the amount used by the fire department to put out the fire.

In the case of a flood, the first thing that a good restoration company will do is to locate the source and prevent it continuing. Next, the restoration company will use high pressure equipment to remove the water and get your premises back to some sense of normalcy.

After that, the next job is to pack and move all the items that have suffered damage and are capable of being restored to a safe location. Carpets that have been soaked through can often be restored, but it’s a tricky job and one for the specialists. Items that have been damaged beyond repair will be left until last, the most urgent thing is to get restorable items dried out.

The restoration company will take photographs of the damage so that your insurance claim can be backed up by evidence of the damage; insurance companies are notorious for trying to minimize the amount that they have to pay out, but if you have photographic evidence it’ll be hard for them to argue.

In order to dry out your premises, the restoration company will install dehumidifiers. The drying process can take some time, but unfortunately it’s not something that can be rushed. The company will monitor the process until everything is once again safe and secure.

Another problem that needs to be dealt with is mold. It is quite possible for molds to begin to grow on surfaces that have been left wet or damp in as little as 24 – 48 hours, mold can cause serious health problems, especially for people with respiratory problems and the elderly. In many instances, water may have been leaking from a pipe for a period of weeks or even months before the leak becomes so severe that it causes problems.  In these cases it may be necessary to demolish and replace structural walls, so what appeared at first sight to be minor damage, can turn out to be serious.

A first class restoration company will use all of the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your home or business is restored to the state that it was in before the damage occurred, or possibly even better. The process may take some time, but you can be confident that you are in good hands when you use a company that specializes in disaster restoration, rather than the local building contractor who may not have the expertise to deal with fire and water damage restoration.

Spring Cleaning for Fire Prevention

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Spring brings the opportunity to protect your home from fires, which are common and devastating for residents of Southern California. Spring cleaning is more than a catchphrase, it can save your life and property from serious dangers. Residents of California face a particular phenomenon known as the Santa Ana winds. This is when high winds rush down the mountains that lead into California from the desert. These high winds, when mixed with fire and parched brush, are the perfect recipe for disaster. Lets looks at some areas to consider when beginning your spring cleaning.

The roof of your home
The roof of your home or office can often be the resting place of dry, loose foliage and branches. These items can act as kindling and easily spark when they come in contact with an ember from a nearby fire. In fact, the fire can be hundreds of feet away and still a serious danger as high winds can carry live burning embers hundreds of feet. This is how so many homes caught fire during the Witch Creek fire of October, 2007. Whole neighborhoods were decimated from fires spreading from airborne embers. The best bet is to hire a professional handyman to clean your roof, as they will have the necessary ladders and tools to do this safely.

The land around your home
The foliage,trees and bushes that surround your home or office can also serve as a catalyst for fire if left unchecked. The best safety measure is to not have dry brush or trees anywhere near the walls of your home. Although palm trees look nice, they can get very dry and pose a serious fire danger. Make sure they are not too close to the walls of your home. It’s a great safety idea to clear the area around your home from any dry brush and trees.

Spring cleaning means much more than a clean home if you consider the outside of your home as well as the inside, it can make the difference in the case of a wild fire. If you do experience a fire, then make sure you contact a reputable fire restoration company. A good idea is to choose a company with excellent Yelp reviews and a company that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Apartment Flooding

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Living in an apartment can sometimes make you vulnerable to serious issues, simply because you don’t have control over certain elements.  Apartment flooding is one of those instances.  As an apartment tenant, you have no idea of the condition of the plumbing in your building.  A pipe could burst from the apartment above yours, leaving your possessions, walls and carpet soaked.

The first step to make this scenario not be so difficult is to get renters insurance. Renters insurance will help to cover the cost of your possessions getting damaged beyond repair.

The next step is to get in touch with a professional restoration company.  A professional restoration company will have the necessary tools to clean up excessive water from your floor and walls.  This is especially important because water soaked items can quickly become moldy.  The mold can then become toxic, making your apartment unsafe to live in.  This is why you must not delay in contacting a restoration company.

When choosing a restoration company, it’s a good idea to work with a company with a great reputation.  A company in good standing with the Better Business Bureau is a great place to start.  Other factors will be price and whether the restoration company will work with your insurance company, reputable companies work with all the major insurance carriers.

Even though your apartment getting flooded can be a really tough situation, having the guidance of a professional restoration company will make the transition back to normal apartment life much easier.

Cold Weather Home Protection

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Although we enjoy almost year round sunny weather in Southern California, there are times when the temperatures dip below the 40’s, and in some areas, into the 30’s. These kinds of temperatures can do significant damage to your home if you are not prepared. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to protect your home when it encounters a bout of cold weather.

Home Interior
Keep your home at 65 degrees at all times, even if you leave town. This will help to protect your homes piping system. Insulate your entire home. This will help to not only keep the cold out and the heat in, but it will also save you some money in the summer when you run the air conditioner. Make sure all your alarms have fresh batteries and consider getting a carbon monoxide alarm as well. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have plenty of ventilation and clean your chimney yearly to avoid creosote buildup, a deadly toxin and fire hazard.

Home Exterior
Make sure your roof is in good shape. Rain and falling branches from trees during a storm can damage a weak roof and make for expensive damage if there is a leak. Also, make sure your gutters are clear and clean, this will also help to prevent water damage.

Trim your bushes and trees to protect from objects hitting your home, occupants or your car. Also, make sure your stairs and handrails are in good shape; it’s already dangerous enough when water or ice make the floor slippery, it’s even worse if you have loose or broken floorboards.

It’s not common for southern California residents to experience freezing temperatures, which all the more reason to take precautionary measures to prevent dangerous or costly damage to your home.